Joe’s Background

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Welcome! I’m Joe Benvenga and live in Southeastern WI with my supportive wife and son.  I’ve taught for five years as both a Special Education and Earth Science Teacher. I spent the first three years at an urban M.S. and the last two at a low-income H.S.

From the start of my teaching career, I have realized the importance of the use of tech tools in the classroom. It enhances instruction leading to increased student understanding of the learning process and content. Teaching with technology does not make me a great teacher, the way I choose to integrate it into my instruction is what determines how effective my teaching is. That is something I’m reminded of on a daily basis as there are times the tool I used, did not have a positive impact on my instruction, while other days it fostered a great learning environment.

I am a Google Certified Trainer, Apple Teacher 2016, RUSD Innovative Technology Educator, and DocentEDU Ambassador. I believe in the power of G Suite mixed with other tools to create a meaningful and positive learning experience for students. I am piloting a 1:1 Chromebook program in my school with my colleague in Earth Science & am excited to continue to learn with my students.

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